Monday, May 21, 2012

The girls bridge

The girls bridge .....

The boys bridge so far

The boys bridge so far

The girls bridge so far.....

The girls bridge so far....

The girls bridge so far.....

The boys bridge so far....

Willie shows of his work inspired by the dada movement

Zahrias independent work

Adebimpe shows off her piece which displays her love for ballet.

Taylor shows her independent artwork.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lindley Middle School celebrates Nationbal Youth Art Month with student produced museum

 A 7th Grade art class shows off  their word pointillism.  Word Pointillisim is a form of art which uses only words to create a picture.  Our students chose adjectives that describe themselves to create wonderful word pintillism pieces.  Great Job you guys!!!!
 Two seventh graders show off their bas relief sculptures made from recycled Hot Cheetoes boxes.......They are so proud.  A relief sculpture is a sculpture that is flat on one side and dimensional on the other. These sculptures pop off the flat surface.
 Christopher shows off his bas relief sculpture.
 Taylor Braswell participates in our talking wax museum as a famous renaissance artist.  Great job Taylor!!!
 Lauren does a fabulous job teaching our visiotrs about the life of Georgia O'Keefe.
 Courtney freezes as Leonardo Davinci and tells about her life as one of the most influrntial artists of all time.  Fantastic job on researching this artist.
 Student work on famous influential Americans such asBen Carson, Zora Neal Hurston, Louis Armstrong, Mae Jemison and Judge Sotomayor and the list goes on and on.
 Mr. Rikard shows off his skills in our teacher gallery.  Awesome Jackson Pollack inspired trio!!!!  Ms. Cross shows off her Clay Mask!!!!:)
 Social Skills teacher Meagan Huff one of our best in show with her depiction of Travon Martin......Tomarlo Allen also displayed her skills in collage.
 Adebimpe Aduwasi did an excellent job as a speaking wax museum member.  On that night she was known as Sandro Boticelli.. Superb!!!
 Kyra, Aunjanae, and Marisol did a fantastic job preparing fruit and veggie trays and greeting our museum patrons.!!! Customer service at its finest!
 Ms. Dopson shared her paintings, and drawings with us.  Simply inspiring!!!
 Alexus poses as Annie Lee and when museum goers touched her she came to life telling all about how she became a well known african american female artist!!!!
                                           Independent student art gallery!!!!
 Paul Cezanne in our talking wax exhibit!!!!! Way to go Savonne!!!

 Still Life and hidden pictures!!!
 Our mime pretending to be falling off a cliff!!! lol!!!!
 Our mime carrying her bucket of water up a staircase. 
 Our Greeter and servers stop to pose for the camera!!!!
                                         Willie Fulks poses as El Greco!
 Robert does a fantastic job at holding a pose!!!
 Word Pointillism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
 Negative and Positive space translations and tesselations!!!!! A little math ...A little art.....makes a LOT OF FUN!
 Our eighth grade girls serve up Cake and Punch to our guests!!!

 Loving and Cassie welcome our guests with tasty snacks!!!
 Jamie shows her mother around the museum!!!!! Another proud student!

 7th grade African Maskmaking from found scrap material!!!!!!!!!!!
 Our face painting station was a hit with little brothers and sisters!!!!

 Hostesses taking a break to smile for the camera!!!!
 Night at the museum in full swing!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Mrs. Annie Lee poses and tellign about her life in front of the self portrait exhibit!!!

Ms. Dopson's class is finidng out how physical science and art work together through tetrahedral kite building and flying