Monday, October 10, 2011

Monochromatic Portraits...

     Second Period 7th grade art students are studying tints and shades and producing monochromatic portraits.  We have also studied a few professional monchromatic paintings for inspiration.

                                                   Professional Work

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Strange Fruit .......... value and texture studies

On the Value and Texture study students learn how to create shades, tints, and hues to create the illusion of depth.  Students mix colors and materials to create contrasts and in turn produce a beautiful still life. One observation that we have learned is that it is not necessary to use white chalk to create the reflection on your fruit.  We are learning to only apply chalk pastel where it is most necessary to allow the fruit to gradually get lighter and darker in some areas.  We have learned vocabulary as well with this project.
     Vocabulary is essential to an art education because it allows one to communicate with others the process and procedures of how you do what you do.  To complete this assignment each student was required to write a process description and explain how and why techniques were used to complete the task with excellence.

Our vocabulary words are...

texture                                    value                      craftsmanship
still life                             chalk pastel                      shadow
pressure                             gradation                         technique
sketch                                    form                             reflection
negative space

Here's a peek into our classroom as we complete our art and our process writings......
Nikita is showing us how she creates a textured still life

Taylor is almost ready to write about her value study

Jayde analyzing her work

Brian Castenada using his technique to make the background show gradation.

Desiree writing about her process using the vocabulary.

Tonoilo creates contrasts through bold lines.

Zahria finishing her value study.

Chigozie is writing about her procedures


Joseph is using different textures to complete his fruit.

Tania shows us how we get excellent writing done.

Karen explains step by step

Spencer is enjoying the texture.